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Custom Wood Furniture

Reclaimed Grain Custom Furniture

Reclaimed Grain Custom Furniture. Listen to the story of the wood...

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We are about reclaiming, repurposing and reinventing harvested wood and welding custom metal to make new unique pieces of furniture.  Whether you have an idea or have seen a picture somewhere of something you love we can turn it into a beautiful long-lasting statement piece.  We have tons of barn and warehouse boards and even 1930′s bowling lane panels that can be combined with our custom welding to form anything from dining tables and benches to headboards and desks. Contact us and we’d be happy to get together to get a project going!

Make it Yours

Utah's Custom Furniture Supplier


These guys are the best. I've ordered three custom pieces from them over the last few years and have been thrilled with each piece. They are very reasonable on their prices, they care about the material they use, are extremely friendly, and are excellent craftsmen.


Steven B.

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